Monday, May 08, 2006

The City Summit came and went, and the consensus the two hundred randoms on the invite list came to, is that Winnipeg must 'fix' its downtown, keep its bright young, and reverse its negative image. Most importantly, the time for talk is past: it's time to start talking about doing. Money well spent, wasn't it?

Another great problem, is the Mayor and City Council themselves, who consistently fail to inspire the citizenry, or to take seriously--indeed acknowledge--the numerous problems facing this city. But really, who cares about sticking to a particular vision (remember community centres?) when you can create a new one every few months? Who cares about keeping young people in Winnipeg when it's seniors who keep re-electing you decade after decade anyway? Who cares about the greater good when you can just worry about looking good?

Just a few of the potholes on the road to a better city...


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