Tuesday, July 03, 2007

White Stripes break the rules

Risking harrassment, or banishment from The Forks, a dou of travelling musicians eschewed The Forks Renewal Corporation's byzantine busking regulations when they gave a short performance at the foot of the Esplanade Riel--without a Busk Pass, and in a location that is not sanctioned as a "Busk Stop". Jack and Meg White busting out the guitar and maracas was clearly outside of the Renewal Corporation's mandate for a healthy, bustling Forks, since they most likely did not audition to perform under the Busk Program on May 26th or 27th.

In their defence, it was The White Stripes' first time in Winnipeg, so they were probably unfamiliar with how art and performance are handled in this city's "public" places. So for future reference, Stripes, here's what you need to know:
"1. Busk Pass must be clearly displayed during all performances.
2. Acts must be of similar content and quality as that of the audition.
3. Busker license valid from date of validation to June 15, 2008.
4. Performances are permitted at designated Busk Stops only.
5. Management retains the right to relocate, remove or close Busk Stops at their discretion. - Scheduled events & programs have priority over Busker performances.
6. The maximum single performance may not exceed thirty minutes, including set-up time.
7. Maximum 2 performances per Busk Stop per day.
8. No consecutive performances allowed at any individual Busk Stop.
9. Outdoor performances must not exceed six sets per calendar day.
10. Performance appreciation is at the discretion of the audience. (NO SOLICIATIONS, NO INTERCEPTS)
11. Buskers who play bagpipes must play only at the Busk Stop on The Forks Historic Port.
12. Amplified performances are permitted only at the exterior Caboose Busk Stop.
13. All musical acts are required to maintain a repertoire equivalent to 2 – 30 minute sets.
14. Buskers are Ambassadors of The Forks. Appropriate attire must be worn at all times.
15. Transference of passes will result in immediate termination of Busk Pass.
16. A Busk Pass may be revoked at the discretion of The Forks.
17. Smoking is not permitted at Busk Stops during performances.
18. Based on performance at auditions, Buskers who are granted licenses will be allocated a standing of either “Tier A” or “Tier B”.
19. All licensed Buskers will be required to sign a liability insurance waiver.
Failure to comply with the above terms and conditions will result in termination from the Busk Stop Program.

Also, don't forget your $10.00 audition fee, or the $32.00 for a license should the judges deem them worthy enough to be "Ambassadors" of The Forks.


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