Friday, September 28, 2007

Free markets 2, monopolistic buraucracies 1

Mo Razik of the Independent Specialty Wine Stores of Manitoba, had an article in the Winnipeg Free Press that soundly put to rest many of the paranoid inanities that the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission uses to defend their control over the sale of alcahol in the province. Article here.

"[T]o begin, revenues are generated by the provincial government through a multitude of taxes on products and incomes of individuals and corporations, and thus, it is well known, that the government could achieve the revenues it needs to provide social services without being directly involved in liquor retailing."

"If it wasn't for competition with the private wine stores... MLCC stores would likely still be closed on Sundays, might not be accepting credit cards, and would probably be offering consumers a much smaller selection of uninteresting wines in dank and soul-less shopping environments. These positive changes at the liquor marts are... a tribute and a testament to the hard work and risk that the private wine stores have undertaken for the past 13 years."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mo Razik from Fentons is a fucking idiot who sells booze to the poor people, in my personal opinion.

8:30 PM  

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