Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Assembly line-free Upper Fort Garry news

This was shared by one insider who was at the Downtown Development Committee meeting yesterday, who posted this info on a local web forum:

"It [the Downtown Development Committee meeting] was at 1:30 today. Dan Vandal made a grandstanding plea to the committee that the entire Expression of Interest process was poor and that this should go to public consultation and be redone properly. Friesen Tokar [Archiects] made presentation and stated that the Land Purchase Agreement was in legal hands, and no longer up to Council and that the land is not part of the Upper Fort Garry site. The President of the Friends then said they needed more time[,] and the lands, although not on the Fort, are a designated historical site. This statement is actually false ... the archeological dig showed nothing of value, and the site adjacent to the Fort has no historic designation.

"Committee voted on the motion to extend time to the Friends. In favor: Gebasi/Wyatt. Opposed: Steeves/Swandal ... motion defeated. It goes forward to EPC without recommendation, the friends don't have more time.

"Sinclair was there but arrived after all of the delegations spoke, so he still will not report that the lands are not part of the Fort site. CJOB, CTV and CBC were there. CBC didn't report anything, CTV dinner news stated more misleading information, that if the developer builds on the site, it would not allow an interpretive Centre."


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