Monday, June 16, 2008

If I wasn't paying for it, I'd be laughing

Not at all surprisingly, the issue of an underpass at Waverley Street has come up, only months after the first houses have sprung up behind the vast fencing that separates the NDP's sustainable Waverley West subdivision and the rest of the city.
"Time for Waverley underpass: Tory MP" - WFP

Apparently, a "cutting edge" suburb, that is, one with "[e]cologically responsible options, such as... alternative forms of transportation..." generates, according to a study by ND Lea, a paltry 10 car trips per household per day.

If 10 car trips per day is what a cutting edge suburbs generate, how much does the average, private-led, greedy, poorly-planned, conventional suburb generate? 20? 30?

Anyway, one has to wonder: how much energy and money that should be going to begin to tackle the City's $2-B infrastructure deficit be spent on inter-governmental haggling over who should pay for the Waverley underpass? When they finally figure out who is going to pay for it, will the roadway on Portage Avenue downtown still be enough to puncture bicycle tires and put the backroads of Burundi to shame, as they are now?


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