Thursday, February 12, 2009

A post sure to attract new readers

Who needs bloggers and anonymous internet commentators to "denigrate aboriginal culture [sic] beliefs... and trot out outdated stereotypes and misinformation"--the folks at the SCO are doing a good enough job themselves. No wonder many young Aboriginals follow their chief's "take and take but never own" ethos and live lives of violence and street gangs.

Racist online remarks anger native leaders - WFP

"Swan Shannacappo and Chief Russell Beaulieu of the Sandy Bay First Nation called the media after university student-leaders came to them with the results of monitoring news sites from April 2008 to this month... So, the leaders are asking for help to prevent racism in blogs either by public pressure or criminal deterrence.
"Robinson added, "As Canadians, we don't pay taxes to create a platform for hate speech.""

...we just pay taxes to monitor anonymous comments on the internet, and sue the companies that host "racist" ones. This goes along with paying taxes to keep armchair thugs like the SCO, who think the internet is part of their chiefdom (or a "federal responsibility," as Intergovernmental affairs minister Steve Ashton thinks), living comfortable.

Steve Ashton, meanwhile, seems to support the stifling of (particular) opinions:

"Let's avoid the problem before it happens."

But if a thought is never expressed ("it happens"), how do we know whether or not it will offend certain people ("the problem")?

Best to just never say anything at all.

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