Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cycling to work: up 18%

The the number of Winnipeggers who commuted to work by transit, bicycle, or on foot (known collectively as "active transportation") increased between 2000 and 2005, according to the 2006 census data on the City's website. The rate of people taking transit, riding in a car as a passenger (car-pooling, or getting one's spouse or room-mate dropping one off?), and--most significantly--riding a bike to work, was higher than the increase over numbers, of people who commuted by driving a car.

City-wide (2001)
302,350 (total commuters)
207,090 (car as drivers) 68.5% (percentage of total)
42,965 (transit riders) 14.2% (percentage of total)
25,825 (car as passengers) 8.5% (percentage of total)
19,375 (pedestrians) 6.4% (percentage of total)
4,570 (cyclists) 1.5% (of total)

City-wide (2006)
315,390 (total commuters) 4.1% (increase)
214,480 (car as driver) 68.0% (percentage of total) 3.4% (increase)
44,700 (transit riders) 14.2% (of total) 3.8% (increase)
28,410 (car as passengers) 9.0% (of total) 9.1% (increase)
19,505 (pedestrian) 6.2% (of total) 0.7% (increase)
5,575 (cyclists) 1.8% (of town) 18.0% (increase)

Other random facts to impress your co-workers with tomorrow morning:

- The Exchange District joined North River Heights, South Tuxedo, Woods Crescent, Linden and Wild, &c in the $100,000-plus average household income club

- Chinatown's Chinese population increased by 8%, from 330 to 415

- In West Broadway, that neighborhood with "contested space" and the gentrification problem, the average gross rent decreased from $493 in 2001 to $451 in 2006. With the savings, the hoardes of yuppies that have driven everyone else out of West Broadway are able to buy ten stalks of organic celery at Whole Foods (or 43 cups of Mr. Noodles at Pal's Supermarket)


Blogger CMPerry said...

In 1979s, on the tail end of the 'energy crisis' I was challenged to start biking to work by a young, fit cycling buff I worked with. Lived in Fort Rouge, worked by the airport. Started taking Osborne-Sargent route on an old one-speed I had, got a 10-speed and things took off, started taking the long way round via Wellington Cresc-Assiniboine Park. Moved to Charleswood, had a nice 30-minute ride through Assiniboine Forest and Park. Was a commuter cycling nut of the day, pioneer helmet-wearer, lost tons of weight, rode everywhere. Then job changed, ride became 55 minutes of ugly, and half of that at night. Cycling withered away, driving became too convenient. Would I take it up again in earnest? Likely not - it would have to be a 30-minute ride through nice neighborhoods now.

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