Saturday, August 15, 2009

History is ignored by the winners

"Bones.--The excavation going on in the mound opposite the northern gate of Fort Garry developes the fact that the mound is an old Indian burial place. Large numbers of very large human bones, skulls, etc, have been unearthed, and carried off by curiosity seekers." - Manitoba Free Press, Oct. 16, 1875

Image from Manitoba Historical Maps

"[T]he premier was casually asked whether there are plans to tear down the only building still standing on the historic city block.

The century-old Manitoba Club, symbolic home of the city's business and political elite.

The premier laughed."
- Winnipeg Free Press, Feb. 6, 2009


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps the "natives" should make some noise about it. But i think, they'd rather take some money and fuggedaboudit

7:37 PM  

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