Tuesday, June 22, 2010

[Y]Our Winnipeg

Remind me again: why does Winnipeg have planners, planning documents, by-laws, and heritage groups?


Blogger camzmac said...

"In accordance with Subsection 25(1)(a) and (b) of the City of Winnipeg Charter, only the applicant, or, the owner of real property adjacent to the real property in respect of which the application was made may appeal the decision of the designated employee".

What is the decision they are talking about? Was it already made by putting up the sign? I don't live adjacent to 149-167 Lombard Avenue. Does this statement prevent me from appealing this zoning variance?

5:39 PM  
Blogger Graham said...


This would be for the parkade that is going beside the Grain Exchange. To build it they will tear down the Grain Exchange Annex, which has nothing wrong with it.

Reagan Wolfrom blogged extensively about it.

12:46 AM  

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