Monday, July 17, 2006

This sign was spotted this afternoon when I was crossing into St. Boniface; it just blew my mind:

What this says (in both official languages):
1) "We don't like enterprising people who attempt to create micro-economies on our streets... let them works in pig processing plants."
2) "We want to keep the city's big destinations boring, for tourists and locals alike."
3) "Our mayor is only business-friendly to his friends... and don't think of giving them any competition."
4) "Want to buy a cold bottle of water, cheap sunglasses, a smokie, hand-made jewelery, a painting, falafel, ice cream, etc? Go to the mall."
5) "Spirited energy? Not in our public places."


Blogger Thos said...

Yeah, that sign has been there since day one, even while the restaurant was vacant. After nearly 25 years, when one has been born and raised in this place, it's easy to no longer even notice the way any signs of a vibrant urban environment are actively snuffed out (ironically, the French translation of Spirited Energy ended up being Vibrant Energy). In fact, before I visited Montreal for the first time in 1999 as a lad of 17, I actually thought that I was living in a city, and not the world's largest small town.

During the first summer the bridge was open I remember some kids had set up a fruit and veg stand (I think they had drinks too) on the eastern end of pedestrian bridge, but that's now long gone. Every once in a while the mayor's friends cart out this ugly little stand labelled 'Salisbury Novelties' and try to sell you some worthless tat while you walk by, but they're the only ones permitted to sell worthless tat on the Esplanade Riel.

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