Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I hate reading the news. This was on CBC Manitoba's website today:

"This budget is bigger than it's ever been," said Old Kildonan Coun. Mike O'Shaughnessy, who chairs the city's finance standing committee, on Friday.

O'Shaughnessy said the budget aims to catch up on some long-overdue work.

"We've fallen further and further behind every year since 1972. This is the first year that we're minimally catching up," he said.

Nineteen seventy-two. What happened that year? Ah, I remember: the year City of Winnipeg was swallowed up by its surrounding munincipalities, and exhausted itself fiscally, by turning the nearby gravel-road back waters into low density suburbs (yet with all the services of the city). The year the former City of Winnipeg began its steady population decline (100,000 to date). The year the City began to be controlled by councillors--who would have otherwise been reeves whose biggest issue would be figuring out who pays for the new sump pump at the curling rink--such as Mike O' Shaugnessy of Old Kildonan, who, incidentally, has sat on council for 26 of the 35 years succeeding 1972.

In those twenty years, did O'Shaughnessy do anything to "catch up" on the mess that Unicity was? Do you think this latest spend-a-thon he is chairing will help? Winnipeg--the real City of Winnipeg--emerged from the Great Depression in the black, the Free Press proclaimed in 1939. Today, 35 years into Unicity, rubes like O' Shaugnessy can't even make ends meet at the best of the time, and the new "conservative" (so called) City Hall is set to make thier puppet-masters in the provincial NDP look fiscally responsible by comparison.

Do you really trust improvidents like this with a credit card we're the ones who are going to have to pay it off one day?


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