Friday, October 12, 2007

Archeologist Sid Kroker, who I can remember hosting a field trip to the site of Fort Gibralter at The Forks as a kid, and his team have been digging up the surface parking lot that stands where the north-west corner of Upper Fort Garry--the so-called 'birthplace of Winnipeg'. From the photo in this CBC story, they've found the circular outline of the north-west bastion of the fort.

The outline of the north-west bastion is seen at the dig

The rounded bastions of Upper Fort Garry are shown in this photo c. 1878

And to think, we almost allowed a building to be built near this parking lot.


Winnipeg First is thankfully back in action. Well, sort of. Here's hoping for more coverage.

Yesterday, they had a story on the Demolition By Neglect campaign, that is headed by Exchange District property owner (and former internet pharmacy tycoon) Daren Jorgenson, who recently purchased the Royal Albert Arms, among other properties. The campaign is to encourage tougher enforcement of heritage building by-laws, so that negligent property owners (like Bedford Investments) can not get away with systematically destroying buildings over the course of years. Develop, maintain, or sell... you shouldn't own property if you are not willing to do any of those things.

Winnipeg First's story here.
Demolition By Neglect Facebook group here.

"I feel that if a war came
to threaten this, I would throw
myself into space, over the city,
and protect these buildings
with my body."
- Ayn Rand


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