Thursday, March 06, 2008

...and knowing is half the battle

Here is an overlay of the Upper Fort Garry site that was presented to the Downtown Development Committee yesterday by Friessen Tokar Architects. The fort's footprint and the major structures within its walls, are outlined in yellow. The footprint of the proposed apartment to be built by Heritage Landing Inc. is shown at the corner of Assiniboine and Fort Street. (click to enlarge)

This shows that about one half of the fort's site is where Main Street and Assiniboine Avenue run today. No word on whether the Friend of Upper Fort Garry plan on petitioning the City to re-route these streets for the sake of the hearts and minds of future generations...

It also shows, of course, that THE APARTMENT WOULD NOT STAND ON ANY PART OF THE FORT'S FORMER SITE. It is possible that different uses can occupy one city block. The Manitoba Club, and a Petro Canada station are on this block--mere feet from the Fort's north gate. An apartment building can be built alongside the former fort without disrupting the "sanctity" of the site any more than an interperative centre and a parking lot would.


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