Thursday, April 24, 2008

The secret's out, if only too late

Thankfully for Centre Venture Development Corporation, the condition of the Epic Theatre is only being revealed to the public less than a week before its rubble, and that of the Starland Theatre next door, will be shipped off to the Brady Road landfill.

"The building no longer embodies distinct or unusual architectural or design characteristics, and does not possess its historical or architectural integrity..."

"There are really no features left inside because of water and other damage due to lack of proper care and attention."

"I am surprised to hear about the condition of the Epic as everyone (including Centre Venture) has told me that it was irredeemable or gutted."

"I agree about the misinformation--if people knew what was in there, there would've been a protest. At least I hope so."

Photographs taken by April 23, 2008, by Christian Cassidy
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