Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Editions, etc.

I corrected facts in my last post to reflect what is going on regarding the Albert Street Business Block, and Ken Zaifman's--who wants to demolish it--appearance at City Hall this morning.

While Forks North Portage Partnership and the Winnipeg Parking Authority are apparently behind the demolition of the Grain Exchange Annex, the Winnipeg Sun reports today that Mr. Zaifman claims to have the support of the Exchange District BIZ. I wonder: would a new parking lot be featured in their Summertime historical walking tours?

Less surprising is Mr. Zaifman's support from Centre Venture. After all, it was a staff person at Centre Venture who told the new owner of the Royal Albert Hotel, an outspoken opponant to the demolition of the Business Block, that he should be more of "team player" with regards to the St. Charles Hotel development, and even offered him the possibility of more funding for the Royal Albert if he does so.

Certainly, these publicly funded agencies know much about how to improve business conditions in a historical neighborhood...


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