Monday, March 10, 2008


In my article 'Waverly West revealed', which appeared in the The Uniter, I did not use the contemporary spelling of Waverley Street, but spelled it how it was originally--'Waverly' without the second 'e'--which you can see in this map of Winnipeg from 1915, when Waverly was but another street lined with American Elm saplings in the growing River Heights neighborhood. I mistakingly thought that it was still spelled as 'Waverly'.


In an earlier post on Upper Fort Garry, I speculated that there would need to be some kind of parking facility in the form of a surface lot on the land that the apartment is set to go. Looking at the Friends of Upper Fort Garry's own (vague) plans for the site, one can see a parking lot to the north of their interperative centre, where the Grain Exchange Curling Club is today. Architectural renderings typically downplay surface parking lots, so one can be sure that it would end up being more large and dominating than what's shown.

Parking for the apartment building, meanwhile, would be hidden underground.

Funny, I thought that more surface parking lots downtown (at historically important locations, no less) were seen as something to be discouraged...


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