Wednesday, June 18, 2008

When coalitions don't coalasce, and the park no one can get to

Thanks to Hacks & Wonks for exposing (in real time) the latest chapter of Winnipeg's squabbling Left.

"7:56 - Social Action Committee chairs:

"Betty Edel"

"Allan Wise"

"Calvin Pompana"

"Giselle Saurette-Roch"

...Giselle is honoured, but politely declines. Ditto Betty...

Point of Order: Gender equality is suggested here with only two dudes left. Said POOer suggests Mary Anne Cerilli.

8:00 - First voice of anger I've heard all night. Post Mary Anne Cerilli suggestion, another gentleman rose suggesting that the process is getting flawed. Said angry comment suggested that the nominations never closed and that open process was still open...

8:01 - Male Voice: "I would suggest that gender parity is insulting and that it should be based on ability."

An older lady in the back: "Suuuuuure, says the male." She also muttered something about her grandmother, but I'll be honest, I was giggling too hard to really catch it."

And thanks to Policy Frog for showing exactly how "diverse" this coalition is. Where's someone from the business world? Oh wait, in a perfect world, there is no business, only Community Economic Development. (But who then would create the money to give to government coffers that fund CED projects?)


I suppose that in a city with barricades at Portage and Main, it's a little hard to forget about the other acts of inhumanity committed by city planners. It was confirmed in a story in the Free Press that the $2.1-M plan to upgrade Millennium Park, behind the Library between Smith and Donald, does not include returning sidewalks to either of those streets.
("Councillor says she's been left in the dark" - WFP)

If sidewalks are not provided to the public, there is simply no point in spending one dollar on improving this park.

Sure, the pedestrian could take the detoured walkway through the park, but then they would be hidden from the street by a high fence and the bunker-esque entrance and exits of a City parking garage. Do you think Winnipeggers (particularly women and seniors) would willingly subject themselves to such a dangerous, hidden, nevermind inconvenient route to their destination? How about at night after the workers and hot dog carts have all gone home?

Just as some citizens and unfortunate visitors would rather hop the barricades at Portage and Main than try to navigate the confusing and abandoned Concourse, pedestrians will continue to opt for the dangerous and degrading task of walking on the inside lane of Smith or Donald Street, rather than walk through a lonely and hidden park.

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