Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Working together

Cub Free Press reporter Kelly House reports that Heritage Winnipeg will be moving into the 127-year-old Kelly House on Adelaide Street, after its owner, who could not afford to renovate three months ago, will now spend $100,000 to help renovate the structure.

"One of city's oldest structures to house group promoting heritage restoration

11:25 AM |

"Kelly House, one of Winnipeg’s oldest structures, will be preserved as the new home for the organization that promotes heritage building restoration , a city hall committee heard Tuesday morning.

"The city’s downtown development agency and the owners of Kelly House announced they had reached a deal to restore the diminutive 1880s building at 88 Adelaide Street in the Exchange District..." (Continued)

It is good to see the house will be saved and used again, but this looks a little peculiar when observations made earlier this month are considered; mainly Heritage Winnipeg's lack of opposition to demolitions favored by Centre Venture over the past year, and their big support for the Kelly House (not to be confused with the new FP reporter of the same name), which, as it happens, Centre Venture did not want to see demolished either.

Good PR move for both groups.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

FP reporter 'Kelly House'.


12:00 AM  
Anonymous TRU said...

Imagine, if the Kelly House were proximal to Adelaide Station (see http://www.truwinnipeg.org/wilsons-maps-of-the-winnipeg-subway/ ) it might actually be worth inhabiting!

More on the recent transit debacle:


12:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cost is disturbing. Close to half a million dollars to refurbish the house. Seems inflated to me. Someone will be pocketing some cash.

Given commentary of late it would appear Heritage Winnipeg needs to be placed under much closer scrutiny as it is my undertstanding that they do receive public moneys.

1:45 PM  

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