Thursday, September 02, 2010

These are my favorite blogs

With no blog feed, and a list of links a little out-dated and across the board, here are some urban-related links of note:

Bryan Scott's Winnipeg Love Hate is a photography blog that you may have heard of...
Scott was recently featured, in the Free Press. These photos give equal time to a complicated city's beauty and ugliness, its triumphs and failures--all of which are usually found in the same image.

A book of Scott's work, which I was honored to write the forward to, is scheduled to be available in November.

Brian F. Kelcey's State of the City looks at public policy in North American cities. He also takes intelligent aim at former employer Mayor Sam Katz and just about everybody else. The Twitter feed is worth following, too.

The View From Seven, which is both text-heavy and interesting, with occasional keen observations on the state of downtown Winnipeg.

U of M Architecture student Sophia Sengsurlya's attractive new Heart of the Continent looks at design and city planning ideas. Looking forward to more from this blog.

Making a return after four months of no new posts, Market Urbanism offers libertarian commentary that favors sparse zoning codes, private transit systems, and even private cul-de-sacs. Sounds radical, but not at all unlike any North American city of your grandparent's generation.

Roberta Brandes-Gratz had a great piece in the New York Times, on how it was the risky individual action that restored city neighborhoods (like New York's Upper West Side) over the past 40 years.

This happened to be published online five years to the day my wife and I took possession of an old house in North Point Douglas. I don't except a Manhattan-esque gentrification anytime soon, it has been a healthy real estate market and demographics--people move in, keep up and renovate properties and make the area a little more civil and cool--that has, and will continue to help change this neighborhood around. But this is an aspect to the Point Douglas story that doesn't fit in the Official Narrative.

Standing in front of the Unity Pool Room, 795 Main St. between the C.P. tracks and Jarvis Avenue, circa 1948. Credit


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