Friday, December 31, 2010

How did you find me?

More with the year-end navel-gazing, here, with the help of Google Analytics, are some of the keywords with which visitors stumbled upon this blog in 2010:

winnipeg's downtown needs more radical pace (40)
terry balkan chev olds winnipeg (5)
sprawl and rise winnipeg (2)
that's quite unlike our big-sister city of winnipeg, where residents will have (2)
aim and ideals in the formationof royal society by sprall (1)
centreventure is a joke (1)
does the royal alexandra hotel in winnipeg still exist (1)
nikki sixx (1)
reducing taxes on the very wealthy to spur the economy, in good times as well as bad — an idea supported only on the kooky fringes of american political life in 1967 (1)
the bar bar hells hundred acres (1)
the rise and the sprawl (1)
walter krawec winnipeg mayor (1)
why aren't shopping malls open on saturdays in winnipeg (1)
why urban infill? (1)

A very happy new year to all my visitors--intentional or not.