Monday, June 30, 2008

Urban Incubator

This article appeared in the most recent issue of The Uniter

Around the time that Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg was making its way through the film festival circuit, Maddin left Winnipeg for Toronto. Many Winnipeggers feared the worst: that the city’s most successful and influential film-marker was moving because he didn’t like it here. Turns out, he was moving simply to be closer to his granddaughter.

Smaller interior cities like Winnipeg have continually been incubators of brains and talent that eventually leave for one national metropolis or another. While this may be an unfortunate reality for any local civic booster, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing... (Continued)


Anonymous unclebob said...

Perhaps you may want to consider this The most respected management guru in the last century , Peter Drucker suggests that this philosophy is the one to bet on.

From my own perspective it describes the organisims in the petrie dish which rot at the middle and then re-emerge with new but different life

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