Friday, March 06, 2009

Did he mention our healthy parking lot supply?

The gods of the Eastern press have finally smiled down upon Winnipeg, as the Toronto Star publishes a rather positive article by Noah Richler (son of the great Mordecai Richler) on his recent visit to Winnipeg.

Photo by St. Vital's favorite son Wintorbos of I, Ectomorph fame

Fortunately for the city's fragile sense of self, Mr. Richler avoids the "D"-words one might expect to find in a story on Winnipeg (depressing, desolate, dirty, dangerous, et c). But perhaps more hard than being embarrassed, is to take note of the means of Mr. Richler's enjoyable visit to Winnipeg: old buildings downtown, and what entrepreneurs do with those buildings (not to mention in what is locally known as the "over-development" of The Forks). Imagine that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too enjoyed the article. But i wonder why Noah didn't mention anything about all the pot holes or all the slow traffic during rush hour... you understand were im going: this is meant to be sarcasm.

Looks like he enjoyed winnipeg more then i ever could, and for that i envy him.

James (bro)

6:03 PM  

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